Ammappa l’Italia


Ammappa l’Italia is a project of Marco Saverio Loperfido, which arises from the bet that the whole Italy is walkable, without a car, without even taking a train or a bus. The idea is that each of us can share the trails on foot he or she knows. A mapping of our territory, so as to make us exclaim: “Ammappa Italy!!”.

Ammappa l’Italia is a collective and collaborative project, which means that each of us can participate in its slow construction. The argument it deals with is the walkability of the Italian territory. In what way does it? Simply providing a description of all of the paths that each of us knows, displayed and downloadble as gps paths for OpenStreetMap. Ammappa l’Italia wants to be an encyclopedia, free and open, of footpaths, roads, mule tracks, that only the locals know about. An encyclopedia that is created from the bottom and at no cost. (cit:

By sharing the same cultural horizons and similar practices in different and complementary contexts, could not rise to an active collaboration between Ammappa l’Italia  and Parco dei Suoni: is now active on the map menu a section that will gather, as they are implemented, recordings and soundscapes specific of paths mapped in Lazio and loaded on Ammappa l’Italia webpage, so as to provide an additional means of knowledge for those who wish to plan hiking, and identify a number of possible (not only) sound-walks of our country and villages within it. For each recording loaded in this section there will be a link to the path of Ammappa l’Italia , where you can find informations about the route and download the track in gpx format for OpenStreetMap.

And maybe following to develop starting from this, other additional projects, such as publications, meetings, walks and “mapping-exits” also with sound recorders in hand!!

(again citing …To “ammapp” a path between a country and the other is to give back to Italian towns the historical and social role they have always had, that is, to be islands of civilization between the savagery and hostility of nature. A path that goes from one country to another is indeed an interlude of adventure, after which it falls nicely in the human community, friendly and tidy. It means, therefore, to use the country as a place of genuine hospitality, a place to post, where to rest, to refresh, find peace and quiet from the trip. It means encouraging the recovery and the local economy. Much more than just hiking trails (starting from one point arriving at another then back to the parked car), the paths that run between countries are characterized not solely by a tourist point of view, but they create structural knowledge bases for a radical change in the way of experiencing the land and the world. Walking, in fact, in the age of haste and overproduction, has now become a revolutionary act.

Ammappa l’Italia is made possible by passionate volunteer work and the editorial staff of the various contributors, and collectively funded through crowdfunding to improve the usability and technical effectiveness.

You can see the initiatives promoted by Ammappa l’Italia directly on their site, or participate in the project by sharing your knowledge of trails.