Alberto – Lanuvio

In this recording you can hear the answers Alberto gave to those questions:

  1. - Name us a pleasant and an unpleasant sound from where you live.
  2. - Which sound or noise, in your opinion, is typical of the area where you live?
  3. - Please describe what bothers you in everyday listening..
  4. - Would you like or ever desired to have a different voice, still yours but with different charateristics?
  5. - Do you think your voice is, to say so, perfect for your face’s physical charateristics?
  6. - Do you know what “Acoustic Ecology” or “Listening Ethic” are?

This year’s theme for World Listening Day is “Listen To You!”

Recorded with a Zoom H4n.

Author: Marcello Liberato
Date: 17/07/2014