PARCODEISUONI is a project that involves several people, focused on acoustic ecology and recording of soundscapes, and wish to propose debates about music and soundscape, workshops on field recordings and recording techniques, sound installations in public parks and other places, development of a blog on other musics, and also concerts, thoughts, sweet rumbles…

Authors/Authoress of uploaded recordings:

Arianna Lodeserto
Fausto Di Quarto
Gabriele Serini
Laura V.
Marcello Liberato
Marina Amaral
Nina e Fra
Paola Magrone
Parco dei Suoni
Simone Uzbazur
Stefano Cudini
Stefano de Angelis

Coordinated by Marcello Liberato, PARCODEISUONI is based on the project SOINUMAPA.NET, a project born in 2005 from Audiolab-Arteleku, the sound department of Arteleku, a centre for Contemporary Art site in Donostia-San Sebastián. Conceived and directed from the beginning by Xabier Erkizia. Currently Soinumapa is a project created and maintained by AUDIOLAB (audio laborategia elkartea), and is managed collectively by a group of volunteer editors.

The map in is developed with the soundmap plugin for WordPress, designed by AudioLab, an association that studies and researches soundscapes as well as many other issues relating to the sound and listening.

PARCODEISUONI was born with the project naturalMente and the renewal of the ex botanical garden of Genzano, within which there is the “real” park of sounds, musical instruments and sound objects that invite you to listen and to interact with water, wind, air, thoughts and sweet sounds… a sort of “permanent workshop” for constructing instruments and sound installations.