About Parcodeisuoni

PARCODEISUONI is an online open collaborative project. Based on “phonography” or the art of recording environmental sounds, our aim is to show, share and exchange field recordings made in Lazio region. Here, you will find several sound recordings as time passes, that tell us a little bit more about the different sonic realities of this country.

In order to enrich the main body of the project, as well as sounds, we propose here also to collect images (photographs, paintings, prints ..) and texts (ancient laws, chronicles, descriptions …), which in its apparent silence kept extensive sound worlds within, and in some cases can be considered as authentic recordings. For doing this there are two distinct categories: Sound Images and Writings on listening. If you also like to record sounds and want to share your work with us, just participate uploading your recordings. You can consult the whole archive of recordings navigating through the map, but also by using categories or tags. All recordings are properly tagged and classified according to the following taxonomy:

Society: Recordings on all kinds of cultural practices, sports, traditions, religion …

Bioacoustics: Recordings related to communication in the animal world

Interview: Voices from different people, melodies of the languages …

Acoustic signals: macro-sounds, bells, sirens, alarms …

Mechanical: machines, engines, woodmade structures ..

Nature: Soundscapes from natural environments, mountains, rivers, forests ..

Urban: Urban soundscapes

Other: Sound phenomena recorded using unusual recording devices and microphones

Sound Images: Images that display different sound and listening events

Writings on listening: Chronicles and different texts written before the invention of sound recording media, old texts on noise legislation …

In order to distribute them freely, all recordings are licensed under Creative Commons.

The shape of this archive, as well as the more detailed rules and criteria for filing proposed, are directly inspired by Soinumapa.net, which proposed this kind of organizing an online archive dedicated to the soundscape since 2005, developing the proposals launched by R. Murray Schafer thirty years ago in his book “The tuning of the World”.

SOINU MAPA was born in 2005 at Audiolab, the sound department of Arteleku contemporary art center from Donostia-San Sebastián. From the very begining has been directed by Xabier Erkizia with the great support of Oier Iruretagoiena, Xavier BalderasLuz Maria SanchezIñigo Telletxea and Enrike Hurtado, without whom wouldn’t be possible to keep this project alive. Nowadays, Soinumapa is a project developed and managed by AUDIOLAB (audio laborategia elkartea) association, and is directed collectively by a group of volunteer editors (read CREDITS section).