ParcoDeiSuoni.net is an open archive project for building a soundmap of Italy, directly inspired by SoinuMapa.net, based on phonography or the art of recording environmental sounds; our aim is to show, share and exchange field recordings made in Italy, like city noises, natural ambiences, animals, celebrations and parties, places, happenings, cultural events…

In order to enhance the contribution of Parcodeisuoni, we have also started to collect images and texts that behind their apparent silence, keep many sounds (see section WHAT IS PARCODEISUONI?) inside.

You are free to listen, read, watch, consult and use our archive for any research, creative or educational purposes.

If you also would like to add your recordings to the map, see Participate section or just click Upload recording below and share your sounds with us.

An invitation to open your ears and travel around Italy just listening!

Bon voyage!